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Download one of our new LGBTIQA+ posters

Celebrate LGBTIQA+ people/communities and take a stand against discrimination  by downloading and printing one of our latest posters for your service, workplace or home. ZBGC would like to thank the Rainbow Network and Rainbow Health Victoria for supporting the development, printing and distribution of these resources. Our new “Support trans kids” poster has been developed separately in collaboration with Parents of Gender Diverse Children.

Download one of our trans and gender diverse posters

Celebrate trans and gender diversity by downloading and printing one of our amazing new posters for your service, workplace or home.

Who we are

Zoe Belle Gender Collective (ZBGC) is a trans and gender diverse led advocacy organisation based in Victoria. The Zoe Belle Gender Collective – formerly known as the Zoe Belle Gender Centre – was founded in 2007 and is named in honour of late transgender activist Zoe Belle.

ZBGC’s goal is to improve the health and wellbeing of trans and gender diverse (TGD) people by:

  • providing education and awareness around TGD identities and experiences
  • advocating for greater social equity for our community
  • addressing discrimination
  • tackling systemic barriers within health and human services
  • supporting TGD people’s right to affirm their gender identity.

Our core principles are embedded within a human rights framework. We strongly support:

  • trans and gender diverse people’s right to self determination and bodily autonomy
  • de-pathologising of trans and gender diverse identities
  • access to equitable healthcare for trans and gender diverse communities.

ZBGC advocates for the right of trans and gender diverse people to be central to decision making around our own healthcare. We actively encourage TGD community representation on relevant boards, reference groups, management positions and in the workforce of services addressing our needs.

What we do

Zoe Belle Gender Collective provides support and training to organisations and individual practitioners wishing to improve their services to trans and gender diverse people and their families. Our projects are auspiced by cohealth.

Please Note: Currently we do not have the capacity to provide social support or consultation services directly to trans and gender diverse people and their families.

Our Services

The Zoe Belle Gender Centre Youth Project

The ZBGC Youth Project works with LGBTIQ+ and mainstream health providers to improve support for young trans and gender diverse Victorians and their families.
The Youth Project provides:

  • education and training about the needs of trans and gender diverse youth
  • consultation services regarding inclusive practice
  • resource development to train health and human services workers
  • assistance for partner agencies to develop resources and training for health and human service workers
  • work in and with trans and gender diverse communities
  • support for the activities of trans and gender diverse youth groups and organisations

Please contact:
Starlady, Project Officer
03 9448 6141

This project is funded by DHHS, through HEY Project Partners. You can find out more here: https://www.yacvic.org.au/get-involved/hey-grants/#TOC-1

Trans and gender diverse inclusive training

Zoe Belle Gender Collective training helps organisations and individual practitioners provide accessible and inclusive services for trans and gender diverse people and their families in Victoria. Sessions range from one hour to a full day, with a range of topics, including:

  • trans and gender diverse identities
  • inclusive language
  • experiences and impacts of discrimination
  • gender affirmation and healthcare pathways
  • rights and responsibilities
  • service access and inclusive practice initiatives

Workshops for young people

The Zoe Belle Gender Collective offers workshops for young Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex Queer plus (LGBTIQ+) people and their allies. Facilitated by trans and gender diverse young people with lived experience, these workshops explore:

  • identity
  • inclusive language
  • queer history
  • knowing your rights
  • gender affirmation pathways
  • allyship
  • where to find support

Tailored to each group, the workshops provide immersive activities, videos and personal storytelling by facilitators.

Workshops for allies – volunteers and clients

Zoe Belle Gender Collective runs both LGBTIQ+ and specific trans and gender diverse workshops for allies of all ages. The workshops are designed to create culturally safe and welcoming environments for clients accessing services.

These workshops provide an overview of:

  • LGBTIQ+ and TGD concepts and identities
  • inclusive language
  • discrimination
  • allyship

Each workshop includes videos, tailored activities to build empathy, understanding of how discrimination manifests in different contexts, and inclusive practice tools.

03 9448 6141


The Zoe Belle Gender Collective provides consultation services for health and human service providers through:

  • assisting organisations develop their TGD inclusive practice, policies and procedures – including those seeking Rainbow Tick Accreditation
  • individual secondary consultation to help workers develop inclusive services for TGD people
  • high level advocacy for Federal and State government and peak bodies on TGD inclusive practice

03 9448 6141


Zoe Belle Gender Collective currently does not have the capacity to provide services directly to trans and gender diverse community members, families and friends.

In Victoria, if you need peer-based support and referrals please call:

Switchboard Victoria
1800 184 527