Family Violence Services

Research indicates that TGD people may experience higher rates of intimate partner violence and family violence than their cisgender peers.

The ZBGC can assist family violence services in developing their TGD inclusive practice and developing a feminist perspective for trans inclusion. This training aims to give individual practitioners and organisations an in-depth understanding of the specific types of violence experience by TGD people and how to support TGD people when accessing FV services.

Note: The ZBGC recommends that this training is delivered in conjunction with Rainbow Health Victoria’s “An Introduction to LGBTIQA+ Family Violence” training package.

Topics include:

  • Understanding TGD people’s identities and relationships
  • Respectful communication and pronouns
  • TGD experiences of sexual violence, intimate partner violence and family violence
  • Identifying transphobia and transmisogyny as risk factors for family violence and service barriers
  • The latest research related to TGD people’s experiences of intimate partner and family violence
  • Inclusive practice tools to support TGD people
  • Feminist perspective of TGD inclusion within the family violence sector

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