Sexual Assault Services

The latest Australian research shows that TGD people experience high levels of sexual violence and coercion. The ZBGC also acknowledges that there are significant gaps in the resources and support available to TGD people. This training is designed to up-skill mainstream and LGBTIQA+ services in learning about TGD people’s experiences of sexual violence and addressing the barriers to trans-affirmative care.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding TGD people’s identities and relationships
  • Respectful communication and pronouns
  • TGD experiences of sexual violence, intimate partner violence and family violence
  • Identifying transphobia and transmisogyny as risk factors for sexual assault
  • Addressing myths around TGD people and sexual assault
  • Barriers for TGD people accessing sexual assault and family violence services
  • How to create and provide inclusive care for TGD people who have experienced sexual assault

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