Healthcare Providers

Victorian Trans and Gender Diverse Community Health Services

The Victorian State Government has funded two trans and gender diverse affirmative multi-disciplinary clinics at Your Community Health (Preston) and Ballarat Community Health with specialist support from Austin Health. Services include access to trans peer navigators, GP services including informed consent pathways to access HRT, and endocrinology. All appointments go through a central access point at Your Community Health and are accessible state-wide through telehealth and referral to local services.

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Do You Need to See a Doctor? GP Services in Melbourne

Equinox Gender Diverse Health Centre
Equinox is a peer led TGD health service operated by Thorne Harbour Health. Located in Fitzroy.
(03) 9416 2889

The Centre Clinic
The Centre Clinic provides general health care for the LGBTIQA+ community, specialist care for people living with HIV & sexual health screening and treatment. Located in St Kilda.
(03) 9525 5866

Northside Clinic
Northside Clinic provides medical care for the LGBTIQA+ and HIV positive communities in Melbourne’s north. Located in Fitzroy North.
(03) 9485 7700

Prahran Market Clinic
Prahran Market Clinic focuses on sexual health and Gay, Lesbian and gender diverse health. Located at Pran Central in Prahran.
(03) 9514 0888

Trans and Gender Diverse Specialist Services

Monash Health Gender Clinic
Monash Health Gender Clinic is available for TGD and non-binary people, 17 years of age or older. Some people are referred to the clinic to achieve a better sense of their gender identity and others seek assistance in starting the process to make their body as congruent as possible with their affirmed gender.
(03) 9556 5216

Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service
The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Gender Service aims to improve the physical and mental health outcomes of children and adolescents who are trans or gender diverse.
(03) 9345 6180

Australian Professional Association for Trans Health (AUSPATH) is Australia’s peak body for professionals involved in the health, rights and well-being of trans, gender diverse and non-binary (TGDNB) people.
Contact them for specialist psychologists and psychiatrists who are AUSPATH members.

Speech Pathology

La Trobe Communication Clinic
The Trans and Gender Diverse (TAGD) Voice Clinic provides an individualised program of voice and communication training for trans people.
(03) 9479 1921


Trans Surgery Australia
For those seeking gender surgical procedures and treatments. Located in Balaclava, Melbourne.
(03) 9527 3022