External Resources

TGD Parents Guide
The Rainbow Families Trans and Gender Diverse Parents Guide details the personal stories of trans and gender diverse (TGD) parents, their partners and children.
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Families Like Mine (Beyond Blue)
Families like Mine is a multimedia guide that offers practical advice to families of young gender diverse people, same-sex attracted and bisexual people, and those who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity.

TransHub Allies
Transhub shares how you can be an ally to your trans people at home, in school, at work, in the loo and in life.

Transhub Families
Often parents and families are their trans or gender diverse family member’s first ally, and can be their biggest supporters. This is a short guide to what this might look like.

Books for Parents
An extensive reading list on the Parents of Gender Diverse Children website.

Emerging Minds
Resources to support trans and gender diverse children and their families.

Transcend’s guide for parents and carers: supporting your Trans, Gender Diverse or Non-Binary child at school
This guide provides helpful information and support for parents and carers navigating school with their TGDNB child.