Speaking out for Solidarity and Connection

This campaign shines a light on the connection between trans women and non-binary trans femme people, and people of other genders. These are real stories from people across the country in a variety of relationships – everything from friendships to romance.

Highlighting this connection and solidarity emphasises the pure joy that is trans inclusion and touches on the importance of building and nurturing strong relationships of every kind.

We celebrate the importance of trans women and non-binary trans femmes in our relationships, LGBTQ+ communities and broader societies.

Our diversity is our strength. For more information on healthy relationships visit the healthy relationship page on ACON’s Say It Out Loud website, or to get help for unhealthy relationships, visit their Abuse page. For further information about healthy relationships between trans women/feminine people and cis men visit Transfemme.

Various LGBTQ+ artists were commissioned to convert photographs of the community members feature in this campaign into illustrations. Each artist is credited below their work. The full illustrations are included at the bottom of this page.

This campaign is the product of conversations between Zoe Belle Gender Collective and ACON.

Johny (he/him) and Rachel (she/her)

Connection And Solidarity Campaign Zoe Belle A3 Johnyrachel

Johny and Rachel have been friends for many years and can be found working the DJ scene across Sydney’s LGBTQ+ nightlife.

“Being able to come out as a trans girl, is one of the highlights of my life, trans awareness is very important to me, trans lives do matter.” – Rachel (she/her)

Download Johny and Rachel’s poster here.

Alex (they/them) and Aimee (they/she)

Connection And Solidarity Campaign Zoe Belle A3 Alexaimee

Over the past four years, Aimee has had the privilege of watching their partner, Alex, build the confidence to express their true identity. “It has been a beautiful experience! They are just the sweetest, most down-to-earth person, and I love being a part of their story. It’s so fun getting to know each new version of one another, we get to fall in love over and over again.” Said Aimee. Alex was just discovering their gender when they met Aimee and describes the euphoria of doing so. Together, they’ve supported each other to explore gender diversity in all of its beauty. “To see them explore their own gender and offer them the same love and support has been my absolute pleasure and privilege” said Alex.

Download Amy and Alex’s poster here.

Brodie (they/them) and Bryson (he/him)

Connection And Solidarity Campaign Zoe Belle A3 Brodiebryson

Bryson and Brodie have a beautiful friendship, and Bryson has had the privilege of watching Brodie affirm their gender. He said “it’s been very cool to be a part of their journey and watch them become more comfortable with themself. I love hanging out with them and being super queer together. I hope we’ll be friends for years to come.” They both reflected on how affirming their friendship is for them, Brodie told us that Bryson “is truly a great person and friend and I’m so glad to know him and to be privy to his excitement about being a queer trans person”.

Download Brodie and Byson’s poster here.

O (she/her) and Harry (she/her)

Connection And Solidarity Campaign Zoe Belle A3 Oharry

Harry and O are friends who love and support one another. O says about Harry “she is the funniest, most honest pal around and I am a hotter and better friend for knowing her.” Friendships that boost self-esteem and diversity are so wonderful and affirming. “Our friendship gives me a sense of security I cherish. Everyone needs someone who makes them feel like the one hottest people in the room” said O.

Download O and Harry’s poster here.

Tina (she/her), Vi (she/her) and Sasja (she/her)

Connection And Solidarity Campaign Zoe Belle A3 Tinavisasja

“Our friendship is a living testimonial of intersectional feminism that promotes visibility and diversity. By working together, we are able to amplify each other’s voices and experiences, and bring attention to the diverse struggles faced by women from different backgrounds.

Together we see facets of lived experiences that are rich and complex in their tapestry. Through this we can challenge the dominant narrative of feminism, which has historically excluded marginalized communities.

By centring our voice around experiences of women who have been historically marginalised, this relationship is able to demonstrate the ways in which feminism can be a tool for liberation for all women, regardless of their identities.”- Tina, Vi and Sasja

Download Tina, Vi and Sasja’s poster here.

Rebeckah (she/her) and Alki (she/her)

Connection And Solidarity Campaign Zoe Belle A3 Rebeckahalki

Rebeckah and Alki have been friends for 7 years, both originally from Sydney and meeting in Melbourne. Their friendship centres on allyship as a cis and trans woman who love and celebrate each other. Alki said “as a cis gay woman, I am shown by Rebeckah the true meaning of unconditional love, wisdom, kindness and compassion. She reserves judgement of any kind, and always leads with compassion and kindness for all of humankind. She is my sister, she is my equal… I have her back always.” This friendship is further connected through common values. “We are both feminists in our own right and connect on the deep value of what feminism means to us. This quote sums up our collective views on feminism and the strength and power we hold with each other “If your feminism isn’t trans inclusive, you’re not a feminist” – Rebeckah (she/her)

Download Rebeckah and Alki’s poster here.