Terms and Conditions

ZBGC values safe, professional environments for trainers and participants. As part of delivering high quality training, presentations and workshops ZBGC recommends the following:

Prior to the session

  • A phone discussion is held with ZBGC to plan strategies for a culturally safe environment
  • A staff member is nominated for a brief phone consultation about your organisation’s current trans and gender inclusive policies and practices
  • If the session has been requested due to internal incidences of discrimination or cultural safety concerns, this should be disclosed to the ZBGC training provider in advance so any risk can be properly managed during the session.

During the session

  • A manager or senior staff member introduces the session and aligns it with policies, procedures and any diversity strategies your organisation has developed.
  • A senior staff member commits to attending the entire session to develop their own knowledge, demonstrate commitment, and manage any cultural safety risks that may arise within the session.
  • For longer events the host organization provides tea, coffee, snacks or lunch.

Post Session

  • A senior staff member is nominated for a phone debrief to discuss ZBGC recommendations to help your organization further develop trans and gender diverse inclusive policies and practices.
  • Human resources and/or management send attendees details of internal complaint pathways to address any discrimination or cultural safety concerns that may not have been previously disclosed to management.
  • Human resources and/or management sends communication materials to all attendees, seeking to support any trans and gender diverse participants who may want to affirm their gender identity.
  • ZBGC will provide a pdf of the training, presentation or workshop and list of resources within two weeks after the event. This material should be made available to all attendees.


The maximum number of participants for ZBGC workshops and trainings is 40. Presentations can be provided to larger audiences.

Free training sessions, or those reduced in price, must have a minimum of 15-20 registered participants. Free workshop sessions, or those reduced in price, must have a minimum of 10 registered participants. If your organization/group is not able to mobilise the minimum number of training or workshop participants, please contact us to discuss.

IT requirements

  • Laptop, data projector and screen or something similar for a power point presentation
  • Speakers or room-based sound system connected to the laptop (we play videos in the training)
  • Whiteboard (preferably)

Room set up
We ask that the room be booked and set up 30-45 minutes prior to the commencement of the session, and that all IT equipment is tested and ready for use.


The ZBGC aims for our events to be inclusive. If any participants have accessibility needs please let us know in advance so we can make adaptations or adjustments to our workshops, training and presentations. Additional costs to assist accessibility, such as Auslan interpreters, will need to be covered by the host organisation.

Promotion & Intellectual Property

All advertising of the session will contain the ZBGC logo, the auspiced by cohealth logo, and the HEY Partner logo (our funding body). The advertising should also include the ZBGC phone number and website details. Please note all materials produced and distributed for training and educational purposes are the intellectual property of ZBGC unless otherwise stated.


We will email you two weeks prior to the session to confirm arrangements.


If for any reason you need to cancel the session, please let us know at least one week before the session is due to take place.