Trans & Gender Diverse Research

TRANScending discrimination in health & cancer care: A study of trans & gender diverse Australians
This study was conducted in 2018-19 and involved 537 trans and gender diverse (TGD) people from across Australia over the age of 18.

Australian Trans & Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey
The largest study of trans and gender diverse people conducted in Australia, completed in 2018. The survey findings can be used to guide policy, enhance service delivery, and inform strategies for improving the sexual health and well-being of all TGD people.

Trans Pathways
A national online survey launched in 2016. It was the largest study conducted of the mental health and care pathways of TGD young people in Australia (859 participants). It is also the first Australian study to incorporate the views of parents and guardians of trans young people (194 participants).

The First Australian National Trans Mental Health Study
The findings detailed in this 2013 report show that an alarmingly large number of trans people experience high levels of mental distress (particularly depression and anxiety syndromes) and poor quality of life.

From Blues To Rainbows
2014 research on the mental health and well-being of TGD young people in Australia aimed to redress the absence of positive, resilience-focused research for gender diverse, and transgender young people. The study combined an online survey and interviews.

Trans Health Research
A series of published and ongoing trans and gender diverse research initiatives and resources produced through a collaboration by TGDNB researchers with community experience, nurses, endocrinologists and research students based in the Department of Medicine (Austin Health) at The University of Melbourne.

LGBTIQA+ Research

End The Hate Report
Responding to hate speech and violence against the LGBTIQA+ community. This 2018 report from the Human Rights Law Centre discusses three facets of hate which cause physical, psychological and emotional harm to members of the targeted group.

Rainbow Health Victoria
Rainbow Health Victoria provide a comprehensive list of LGBTIQA+ research papers.